Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whoda Thunk?

A few years ago, I wanted nothing more than to leave Fresno forever.  I was raised in a couple of small towns (Reedley and Francis Oklahoma), and I hated it here... the crime, the heat, the pollution, the sheer numbers of people, I'm just not a city girl.  I need my space.  But something happened a few years ago that made me realize this city has more heart and soul than I knew.  It started at Rogue Fest, and fun performances...and while you're there, you have to eat...and hey.. there are some really good restaurants in the Tower.  Then there was 'the summer', where, thanks to some good friends, I really checked out the local music scene..and it was good!  And then there's my beloved man, who loves going to restaurants...particularly little dives in sometimes scary parts of town...and it was good!  So, through being brave and expanding my horizons...I've met some amazing people, eaten amazing food, and seen some amazing entertainment...right here in Fresno... and it made me realize something I never got before in my 20 years here... Fresno has value, Fresno can be cool, and fun, and nice and tasty, Fresno isn't so bad.. and I'm starting to feel a certain affection for my adopted town, and yeah, I actually get offended when out of towners (or even our own) diss it!  So if you don't live here... shut yer pie hole, and if you DO live here...maybe you just need to get out more...  ask me.. I can recommend LOTS of things to do that you might like, and you might discover, as I did, that Fresno is a good thing.

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