Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding Food Issues

I swore up and down that I wasn't going to cater my own wedding the way I did my last... up til the wee hours the night before, chopping veggies and cooking...  no way!     Well, the expense of a "real" caterer and my lack of connections in that department is leading me to "sort of" cater this one...  I mean..I'm deciding what I wanna have and I'm "procuring" everything...but I'm NOT cooking... ok.. I may delegate the work ... and I may turn the oven on to warm something up... or arrange some things on a platter...  but I'm absolutely NOT cooking.   Seriously not cooking..     I would however like to recruit some volunteers to make sure that I have as little as possible to do on the actually wedding day.  That would be nice... hint hint...

The other issue has been what to have?  Frankly, if I was rich and could have my way, it would be all dim sum, tapas, and dessert...  and after a fashion its kind of like that... but we're (read I'M) having trouble deciding what I want... I mean..I know some things for absolute sure... the dessert table is easy..   just buying many yummy things (or letting people bring whatever they want), and having a small chocolate fountain besides.  We don't want or need a traditional wedding cake, we just mainly need a regular sized cake as a place to put our gorgeous little "precious moments" style Viking cake topper.  Which I think his mother may make for us... lemon cake, lemon filling, lemon frosting... hopefully dark teal and dark purple swirls on the outside.   And we're definitely having (this learning to say "WE" instead of "ME" is HARD) a fruit bowl filled with mandarins, cherries, grapes, berries, and pineapple, and a veggie tray with tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots, and cukes,  and a pickled/relish tray with olives and assorted pickled and roasted veggies,  as well as a cheese tray (anyone who really knows me, knows that THIS is required) with some nice cheeses,  and beyond this is where I get stumped.    Meat, absolutely...but what kinds...and appetizers... absolutely...but what kinds and how many?   These are the issues that have me getting bogged down.

So what should be the easiest of all the wedding issues for me just isn't...because in the end. I'm still me..and me LIVES for variety...the more kinds of something, the better... and there is just too much out there... too many varieties of food... and  to quote Veruka Salt (the character NOT the band) I want it all....  (those of you who know me very very very well... know how much that applies to other aspects of my life as well).


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