Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm not really a proper recipe writing down kinda gal...  so if I ever post a proper recipe with real measurements and stuff..you'll know I got it from someone else....  so dinner...   let's call it....


about 1 lb of hamburger meat, browned together with a coupla cloves of minced garlic, 1 slice of turkey bacon, a little veg. oil, some kosher salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce,  green tabasco, and lots of sriracha...   then I added a small container of "light" alfredo sauce... a little bit of parm,  a little bit of pepperjack cheese, some velveeta,  a can of corn with the juice, a coupla handfuls of baby spinach (chiffonade), and some sliced grape tomatoes.  Add to most of a largish package of mini lasagna noodles (cooked of course) and finished off with a coupla spoonfuls of herb butter.     Also took 6 frozen biscuits, spread with more herb butter and cooked those in my first wedding gift (a toaster oven thanks to Norrell).   it was all very nommy....  .. 

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