Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Places that Make Me Happy 1st part....

These are the first two places on my list of my fave places to eat in Fresno

Imperial Garden:  6640 N Blackstone Ave, #108, Fresno, CA 93710 .  The only place in town to get authentic dim sum service..(cart service)..  it's frantic, fast paced, sometimes brusque, and massively delicious:   If you don't know what it is...ask and they will try to explain it, if you want something..just point...there are a large number of varieties every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays 1030 am til 2 pm). And I'd suggest you get there early (at least by 10 to put your name on the list to get seated when they do open) because the place is always packed, mostly with Asian families, always a good sign.    My faves: chicken feet, spareribs, chicken salad, little football shaped things filled with rice and meat, pigs in the blanket, bbq turnovers, curry chicken turnovers, and custard tarts. Most items start out at 2.25 per small plate.  you order and the lady marks it off on the pad.  At the end your total is tallied up and you pay on the way out.

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the best breakfast secret in Fresno:   Sandwich Works:  2599 E Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93726:  My beloved was hungry on the way home from work....we had no idea what we were about to have...we heard they had breakfast....   the menu isn't huge..  or varied much...eggs..bacon..omelets...pancakes... but oh...what if you had the simplest ingredients, cooked to absolute perfection... the best eggs, the best bacon, the best pancakes (even if you think you don't like pancakes) that you've ever had in your life...even the english muffin, toasted on the grill was perfection...    it's simple, it's inexpensive (it's right near our house), and its run by some of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. 

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