Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Tuesday Minions!

wish I had more interesting food posts today...but I don't.. I've been trying to not eat too terribly today since my blood pressure has been through the roof... my usually lovely ankles have been swelling and I've been headachy...    so.. breakfast was apple turnover flavored yogurt with oats, nectarine,  flax seeds and almonds,  lunch was leftovers of "Fred",  and dinner was a bowl of chex (rice or corn..couldn't tell), with cinnamon and a half a banana.,   snack was bad..  strawberry swirl, chocolate syrup, and almonds...

So now that the food news is outta the way..  I've got the hallway 99 percent finished! it looks like a real hallway again, all I've gotta do is some minor cutting and pasting in the smaller odd shaped spaces...      in other news..we met with our wedding photographer.. a really lovely and talented lady whose website info I'm adding (in the sidebar doobly doo) cuz she's awesome!   

Tomorrow is the ridiculous, time wasting, completely pointless appointment with the EDD...   here's the deal...I work for the feds on a seasonal basis...  I pay into unemployment like everyone else...  we normally don't get hassled to be specific and methodical about listing our off season job searches because we are seasonal... we HAVE jobs... technically..during our off season...we are still an employee of the feds...  normally during the off season, we collect unemployment...that's why we pay into it...  but now..some moron at the EDD thinks that we should jump through the same hoops as people who don't have regular jobs...   any job I find in the off season, has to be temporary anyhow.. because I'm not giving up a job I've been at (and liked) for the last 13 years...a job that pays pretty damn well!   So I'll trot my pretty little ass across town to BFE (it's even listed as "West Fresno, CA),  play their stupid games with a shitty attitude and hope to never have them bother me again.   and now.. a picture of my hallway...

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  1. YAY! The hallway looks so much better! Dig it!