Monday, August 15, 2011

Arternoon (thank you sheep sketch from Monty Python)

yeah..more sleep...when I sleep after I eat, I dream....boy do I about a huge waterslide party...with people like Emeril, and Spencer (from I Carly (don't ask)) and me..channeling the kleptomaniac part of Abbie Hoffman....but I didn't WANNA steal..but I had I tried to steal non essential items...      to quote Robot Monster (fine film, you should see it).. "I must, but I cannot".
Anyhow... went to pick up honey (my fiancee' not bee spit), swung by his parents house for mail, swung by post office, came home starving.. made a sandwich..  whole wheat "lite" bread, peanut butter, flax seeds, oats, and a whole banana, and "light" cranberry juice on the rocks.  Me trying to be healthy.   
Tiled nearly half the hallway (see previous response to post and you'll no longer be impressed, (if you ever were)), got online, won a free appetizer by answering a question from Yosemite Ranch Steakhouse (review coming shortly),  to wit: "when is a black bear, not a black bear?"   My answer was "when its a white bear" because "black" bears can actually come in many colors (Thank you Huell Howser)  I also learned many things about black bears today thanks to the internet, such as black bears were the inspiration for Teddy Bears, Winnie the Pooh, and Smokey THE (ITS THE DAMMIT..... THE IS HIS MIDDLE NAME) Bear.

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  1. Btw... I did wanna say...Happy Birthday Julia Child! You were one of the first people to inspire me to look beyond peanut butter and jelly (along with my grandmother, Frieda Ritchey, Graham Kerr, and Bill Hassett)