Monday, August 15, 2011

since it IS supposed to be a foodie blog..... ladies and gentlemen, my review of Yosemite Ranch Steakhouse

I've seen mixed reviews of this place and frankly...I don't care...all I know was was damn was so good it made me say  "Cattlemen's  who?"   (and I LOVE Cattlemen's).   We went early (we're like those old people who eat early all the time), around 5 pm, and got seated nearly immediately.   Good thing since they started filling up pretty fast.   I'd like to get my only complaints outta the way immediately.  1. The "Baby Green Bistro" salad sucked...I should have chosen the Chicken Pot Pie soup instead...but I didn' I got a melange of "Baby greens with bleu cheese, tomatoes, sweetened walnuts, cranberries, and Spanish vinaigrette"   ... the walnuts weren't sweetened, and I dunno what a "Spanish vinaigrette" is supposed to be, but it sucked things better left unsucked.   The bleu cheese was yummy though..    2. I never got my water refilled even though the rest of the service was actually very not a deal breaker.  3. the crabcakes were REALLY small for the price.  that's it.. the rest of the meal was OMF'ing G so good!
My beloved had the 10 oz Ranch Steak with baked potato, "wok seared green beans"  and a side of Firecracker Shrimp.    I had the "pecan crusted" (they either forgot the pecans or they were pecan dust) pork chops, mashers, green beans, and a side of crabcakes.
Where do I begin.. I took one bite of the mashed potatoes and gravy, put my fork down and declared, that's it, it's over, I can die now"   I can only assume they got the creamy gravy from...oh... HEAVEN.   The pork chop was equally yummilicious... tasty, well seasoned, tender, perfectly cooked...  the green beans (a normally boring veggie) was pretty damn fine too..with bits of caramelized onions and bacon.   My honey was equally enamored of his entree and sides.    My crabcake side was delicious...but scant...  His firecracker shrimp...(identical to Tahoe Joe's "Railroad Camp" shrimp) were also yummy, especially dipped in their teriyaki style sauce.  
As if this orgy of NOMS weren't enough, we ordered a dessert to share...good was freaking huge ....and insanely good...   vanilla cherry ice cream (that tasted like pure maraschino cherries), oreo crumbs, brownie crust, and melted dark chocolate on the side...
Yeah its pricey, but its a special occasion kinda place ( like Cattlemen's USED to be for me)...  and they have a pretty decent happy hour where you can get a HUGE glass of my new fave ale, Firestone Double Barrell, for 5 bux.. 
So I recommend you to go there...its nice, its dark in a "date nite" kinda way...and its delicious.Yosemite Ranch on Urbanspoon


  1. oh yeah..they give you bread was good...but you know..kinda overshadowed by the rest of the food.

  2. Sounds great! You are making me drool!