Saturday, August 13, 2011


Some people have said for awhile now that I should publish a blog, about my life and my interests (particularly food), so here I am..  posting.

At this point in my life (and its been a wild one, more about that later),  I am busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, trying to plan my 3rd wedding  (His 4th btw...we're the Brady Bunch of marriage).  This has been a fun, rewarding, crazymaking, hair pulling out, trying to keep it all together thing...since (because it's ME) I can't just do a "normal" wedding and be done with it (Actually my first two were "normal",  and look how well THOSE turned out).     No, I, (inspired by AND my pagan (Asatru specifically)  fiancee') have to do everything differently.   Which means my dress will be blood red,  the ceremony will be non conventional (and interfaith) no attendants, many of my guests will be dressed in unusual clothes, and a belly dancing duet for the entertainment.   AND we only invited people we liked and really wanted to be there...    So it should be tons of fun, with great food of course (a separate post on the vagaries of making that happen forthcoming), and lots of music and dancing.   But all this fabulousness takes planning, and work...  I'm great at planning..  kinda get lost in the work department though.   So we'll see how it all goes.. in the meantime.. I'll be posting various things about how its all going, as well as restaurant reviews and recipes (cuz I AM a foodie, first and foremost).   So... let the games begin!

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