Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The rest of the story...

so I survived the "workshop" from which I learned......nothing...  no biggie..but I swore while I was trying to stay awake that if the zombie apocalypse happened while I was there... the instructor would be zombie fodder...seriously..I would throw her mousy little self straight at the undead to distract them.  Found my way home from BFE west..   still wasn't hungry from all the noms this morning..   I'm still dreaming about Dusty Buns bacon... le sigh...

After snacking on the crunchy, delicious veggie chips with garlic from Pacific Grain and Foods (3 bux or 2 for 5), I started thinking about dinner....and I made:
Sweet, sour and spicy Chicken, with garlic buttered noodles, and a side of peas n carrots.
This is another "non recipe"..   

1 double chicken breast, sliced into 1 inch pieces and browned in a tiny bit of veg oil and garlic salt.
a little sliced green pepper and green onions
a sauce made of: soy sauce, cider vinegar, ginger, ketchup, white sugar, brown sugar, sriracha, and white nectarine jam (no I don't know how much of each're lucky I'm telling you my secrets!)   mix all this goodness and throw in pan, simmer til sauce is thick.   Serve over (or under or next to) buttered noodles...(which were just last nite's leftover mini lasagna noodles with garlic salt and herb butter) .  All I did with the peas and carrots is nuke them with garlic salt, butter, and sugar.

That was some nommy stuff there baybee!
(Sorry for the lack of pics...that stuff went FAST)

btw..made a sandwich for a friend and apparently she liked it...alot.... giggle...      toasted cheese on whole wheat with grape tomatoes, baby spinach, horseradish, sharp cheddar and pepper jack...

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