Friday, August 26, 2011

Non food related stuff...

Just watched Say Anything, and it brought home to me one thing that annoys me a lot lately, seeing some of my friends make themselves ill and depressed trying to do everything they think they are "supposed" to do..  trying to be the "perfect" mom or the "perfect" wife..  or trying so hard not to sin.  They over work, they over think, they stress, they get depressed, they get injured, they get sick... all in the name of "supposed to"..   who decides what this even is...who makes the rules? Are these things they learned at home, from their parents, from church, from school?  Where do they get this stuff....these impossibly high standards they set for themselves...        and why are they trying so hard?  What's the prize for being "perfect"?  I know they're deathly afraid of judgement...from their children, their spouses, from God...   so what, if they aren't perfect then they'll be talked about, confronted, left, unloved, kept from Heaven?

I say BOLLOCKS to all this nonsense...  I've had so many people I've cared about die so young and its taught me one thing... life can be unpredictably short..  why waste so much of it worrying if we're doing the right thing and what will happen if we don't...  my friends and I are mostly reasonable, intelligent people... I think we can figure it out, live our lives in a decent fashion, AND relax and learn to be happy without killing ourselves or making ourselves miserable in the process.     and if you're a believer... God loves matter what... you're His child and just like any child, He may not always like what you do, but if you're committed to Him, He's committed to you... He's not gonna keep you from his eternal love just because you screw up as He knows you will..because He made us human, and imperfect, so give Him some credit..He gets it.   Chill, and Be as Happy as you Can.

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