Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Healthy Stuff..ewwwwwww....

Sorry, had to say that so as not to frighten the peoples....      But seriously...  will I ever give up eating at food trucks, meat markets, cafes, or specialty food joints?  Nope.    Am I getting older? YEP.  Am I less healthy than I want to be? YEP.   Do I feel better when I eat healthier?  Oh HELL YES.   Everything in moderation kids.   I try to save the calories for outside the house and special occasions. These days at home, I feel inclined to feel better through better nutrition.   And to that end, among the reviews and raves, I will be posting healthy recipes, good food tips, and even the odd exercise review.
So here's a bit of sweet stuff:

Banana Puddin' that's actually good for you.
3/4 cup Lite silken firm tofu
1 banana
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 pkts sweetener of your choice

Whir all that stuff in a food processor or blender, and I swear to you, it has the taste and consistency of real banana pudding.. with a very decadent mouth feel.  (Sounds dirty, don't it?)

Also here's a smoothie tip....and I also swear this to be true on my mac n cheese lovin heart:  You can add an alarming amount of spinach leaves to be pulverized in your fruit smoothie and you won't be able to tell that its there... it doesn't affect the taste.   It does, however add an insane amount of all the good vitamins and minerals .

I'm still looking for a simple, stiff jointed, rolls in all the right and wrong places, workout that I can stick with..  but for those of you who can and will:  Walking 30 minutes a day works insanely well... I just refuse to do it alone in a city such as this.   

So to sum up,  there will be healthy bits posted in between the naughty bits from now on... ;)

love ya!

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