Saturday, July 14, 2012


After an amazing pair of shrimp tacos from the Tako BBQ truck at Manchester yesterday, I realized that I haven't given proper dues to these guys.  After all, they must be good, since my whole family has pretty much eaten our way through their menu..  But one gets starry eyed over pies and pasta and potential trucks looming on the horizon, and forgets to say Thanks to one who's been here for a bit.  

So without further ado, this is why we love Tako BBQ.  

First off, how can you go wrong with anything asian inspired?  This is my fave ethnic cuisine period.  And I love tortillas... And when you put marinated meats and kimchee and rice and sauces into tortillas the way that Tako does, you have an inspired mix.   The tacos are mini bites of love,  just enough to get your taste buds going but not enough to make you stop there...    the burritos... packed full of everything you love, meat, sweet, and heat...   it's a lovely hefty package that should make other burritos blush in shame.
Then there are the odd bits...  Korean Philly? really? YES....  there's that MEAT again... so good, and so much of it...packed with cheese and sauteed onions into a sesame seed roll...   How about a Tako Dog?  Are you kidding me?  It takes at least 2 of us to finish this bad boy..   There is so much going on in there I can't even tell you...      oh and those sliders....  tasty bits of the meat of your choice on a soft hawaiian style roll..  can't get enough.

I still have my eye on the Kogi burger and the Kimchee quesadillas... but I promise I'll get to you next time, my pretties....  I even love plucking the Jarritos from the ice on a hot day.

But I saved the best for last...  the new shrimp tacos...    marinated shrimp, mangos, kimchee, and this ...sauce...this amazing sauce...  its sweet, its's korean/latin love!

So..please forgive me, friends at Tako BBQ truck...   I have been taking you for granted because you seem to be doing pretty well...  but never again...

And to my not hesitate, get on Twitter or Facebook, and find out when and where...and yourselves..the prices are reasonable, the service is friendly, and the food is amazing.
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