Saturday, July 21, 2012

Food Truck Friday @ Manchester!

This is just a quickie post since I'm supposed to be staying off the computer this weekend to destress!
Friday was our usual day at Manchester Farmer's Market to see what's new with the food trucks.   First the good stuff:
Summertime Pies has been expanding their menu lately and Friday was no exception...  can you say Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie or Pulled Pork Empanada with a Cilantro Lime Sauce? YUM!!!
The strawberry pie was baked in their 5 inch round tin, lovely flaky crust, a layer of sweetened soft cream cheese, big juicy glazed strawberries, and whipped cream applied til you say "when".  It's perfect for summer and my new fave pie from Summertime. 4 bucks and worth every penny.  The picture is testament to the fact that we dug in before we realized we needed a pic.

Then there was the pulled pork empanada, tender bbq pulled pork, ensconced in that flaky crust, drizzled with a new sauce that was redolent of cream, cilantro, and lime.  I know there are other things in that sauce but that's their secret.  Double Yum!

I apologize again for the pic, it was wrapped in foil and a bit stuck to the top which I promptly licked off unashamedly.

Now on to the Tako BBQ truck..  we've eaten our way through most of their menu, and last week's incredible Shrimp mango tacos, and Korean Philly was so good I thought that might be the pinnacle...wrong!  How about Spicy Spam with Grilled Pineapple tacos?  Oh YES!  These are my new fave from this vendor.  Sweet, heat, meat, what more could could you want?

At a mere 2 dollars apiece, how could you not indulge?

My only complaints for this day, was that we went looking for K's Pasta who had promised to trot out his newest creation, a breaded and fried chicken or beef torta with homemade potato chips.  But alas, when we went at 11:30, they weren't there!  I hope all is well with these good folks.

I also saw that more people are coming out to Manchester Farmer's Market and patronizing the trucks...and I'm happy to see it.  So keep making Friday, food truck day!

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