Friday, July 6, 2012

With a Little Help From My Friends

I'm all for local business,  and if its a good business and the people are good people behind it, then I really want them to succeed.  This is the impetus behind me asking my readers and friends to PLEASE patronize Summertime Pies (who I've previously reviewed.)  They have a great product (who doesn't like pies????), they are hardworking, really nice folks who deserve to succeed here.  Right now they could use a boost up.  So please..  if you enjoy a good fruit pie (apple, cherry, blueberry, or peach....  baked or fried,  ala mode or with cinnamon sugar), or a great empanada (baked or fried....chicken or beef), then please get your pie loving butts over to Manchester Farmer's Market on Fridays and bring your friends.    Let's give these folks the success they deserve.

Thank you.

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