Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's a Little Fried Chicken Between Friends?

So out of the blue yesterday, I get a FB message from Chuck..   "Thinking about Chicken and Waffles tonite, you guys interested?"    Are we interested?  Is Fresno hot in the summertime? Of COURSE we're interested..  not only being huge fans of chicken (and waffles) but being huge fans of Chuck (who we hadn't seen for awhile, which is normal for Chuck), we immediately agreed.  Well, *I* agreed and told my man that Chuck wanted us for chicken and waffles that nite.  He looked temporarily perplexed, shrugged and said, "ok".

With the sad demise of Stuft Waffle (it's a sentimental thang...I'll show you the video someday)., There is only one place in town that I know of to get chicken and waffles on a regular basis, and that's Come And Get It, Chicken And Waffles.   As with many of my fave places,  the neighborhood can be..questionable for some people,  in the vicinity of Tulare and E-ish.  And the hours can be confusing..  Fridays and Saturdays only, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.   and Saturday lunches 10 am to 2 pm but only sometimes...  the point is.. it's all worth it.

The people who run it are welcoming,  our service was excellent..and really..the only decision you have to make is how many pieces of chicken and how many waffles you want.  They occasionally have special side dishes or desserts to show off, but their main business is in the title.

The waffle itself is fresh, hot, soft, and has a slight spice note I can't quite identify.  But to me, the chicken's the thing.  You will wait at least a half hour to get your chicken...  because they fry it to order, properly, in a skillet..and chicken this good takes time.   You will want to dive right in because the smell will drive you crazy..  be's hot..and it stays hot...temperature wise.   The spice mix in the coating is definitely plenty of salt n pepper... and a blend of beautiful secrets.   It's the first time I've ever found anything approximating my grandma and mother's fried chicken.   I can cook, but I could never come close to it..  and now I don't have to. 

So if you love good, authentic, delicious fried chicken...go...brave the neighborhood, brave the hours and go... your tummy will thank you.   Mine did.

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