Thursday, July 26, 2012

To the person who has been commenting Anonymously lately...

You are clearly a troubled individual...   clearly a person with too much time on their hands...  clearly immature, mentally unstable, drugged, lonely... who knows...   But no matter what you say,  God hears you and feels for you as His child...  He will also deal with you accordingly...  To me, you're just another person in a sea of people....  Lots of people have nothing better to do then to try to bother others...  but you don't bother me..  all it makes me do is to feel sorry for you.  Because happy people don't say ugly things, fulfilled people don't try to hurt others,  and no matter what you say, you can't erase the fact that my life is good, that I have dozens of blessings, that I am happy, and you are not.   So whatever your issues are brother, they are not mine to deal with, I will just add you to my prayer list and go on with my life, and maybe someday you'll grow up, or get help, or achieve something with your life so that you won't need to waste it here.

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