Friday, June 29, 2012

Serendipitous Day!

It's a good thing my eldest daughter is so observant, or I might not know about the two latest food trucks at the Manchester Center Farmer's Market.
The first is Summertime Pies,  a family run place that sells "fried and baked sweet and savory mini pies"..    I loves me some pies...both sweet and savory, and fried? Even better!  We tried the peach fried pie, and the beef fried empanada.  The crusts were perfectly flaky, there was a great balance of filling and crust.  The sweet was just sweet enough without being cloying and the savory brought tears of joy to my tummy.  
And one of the nicest families in town runs it..  I spoke extensively with the owner,  John Liles, who with the cook, his lovely wife Sherry has been in the catering business for over 30 years.  They moved to Idaho after selling the business, and decided to come back to Fresno and bless us with their pies.   Today was only their 4th time out with the trailer, and their 2nd at Manchester.   I'm looking forward to many more happy visits to this place.

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The other place, K's Pastas, my eldest found by accident.   I was waiting on our pies, and she said in a conspiratorial voice, "Mom, there's another one."  I said, "What????",  She said, "Yeah, there's another new truck... it's pasta!".     Halleluiah!   I couldn't find out much about the owners or the operation, since their English was limited and my Spanish is rusty.   But we happily ordered a small Shrimp Alfredo to share.   It was delicious!  The shrimp as a good size and there were plenty of them.  Both the linguini and the sauce were cooked perfectly.   We topped everything off with some fresh watermelon juice from the fruit/juice truck across the way (Would you like a little juice with all that crushed watermelon?).  It was a darn good day :)

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