Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Always Forget to Take Pictures...

Mainly because I don't have camera...or a phone with a camera...or a phone...     ANYHOW...
Went to Highland Games today and noshed....   my first time for haggis, we also had a lovely bit of Welsh Cakes.. and a steak and mushroom meat pie, an alleged English sausage roll...and some well made strawberry mead... loved listening to the music...seeing all the lovely men in kilts (I LOVE KILTS), and watching a bit of caber toss...   but back to the food...

The strawberry mead was delightful...not too sweet, not too much of an alcohol taste... very nice for a hot day..but boy..what a kick!   The Welsh cakes.. after they heated them up for you....YUM..  just sweet enough..  I had a sample of the lemon poppyseed and a whole cherry almond one.  (they are not quite a cookie, not quite a cake, not quite a scone but a mix of all three).  The meat pie was just the right size, with perfectly (almost too perfectly) flaky crust, and a filling that was very homey and comfort foodie..   the alleged sausage roll....I say alleged because the sausage rolls I've met before have been more of a pig-in-a-blanket type..this was encased in more flaky pastry...didn't quite work..  and lastly but not leastly.. (yes I just made that up)..   the of those things that I'd been dying to try just to say I had (kind of like lutefisk, but not as nasty sounding)..   The haggis was better than I'd hoped..  not too offal (HA!), and the stomach bit was really lovely and chewy..    so it was a delicious day..       

and since I'm on the subject of food..     let's talk ice cream since it's still warm outside and I kind of indulged by making the mistake of going down the ice cream aisle at Vons..       they have a new brand of gelato, in plastic jars with lids that look like little peanut butter jars...  Talenti.. I was waffling between double dark chocolate and sea salt caramel... I got the caramel....  and it was so sensuous and lovely ....the cream bit was all intense salty caramel...and it had small dark chocolate salty caramels in it...   tasted really lovely with the sourdough baguette I got in the bakery department..    I also got Fair Goodness Cake by Ben & Jerry..   German Chocolate Cake ice cream..and cake pieces, and caramel coconut swirls (I missed the nuts though).   The kid got Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack (something about chocolate covered potato chips) ..very disappointing as I'd had it before...and since chocolate covered potato chips are a gift from God Himself...  I thought it would have been yummy...but it wasn't.. flavors got overpowered by other flavors and in the end it didn't taste like anything...   I got the man Ciao Bella Lemon Zest Sorbetto..   which I think he likes quite a bit.     

We were actually looking for B & J's latest flavor...Schweddy Balls.. based on the Saturday Live sketch of the same name.

Other than all that I've been eating monstrously healthy in hopes of not feeling quite so crappy...   so tons of spinach and tomatoes and cukes and low sodium and low fat this and that...and fruits and other veggies and no mayo on my sammies...and tons of whole grains...  and it really does help when I stick to it...            so...go on... live well...and..  don't take yourselves too seriously.

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