Thursday, October 4, 2012

The End of the Af-Fair

Dear Big Fresno Fair,

I hate to say this, but I'm breaking up with you. It's not you, it's me. I just can't take the fried foods, the sweets, the heat, and the crowds anymore. Your exotic animal exhibit WAS interesting, and I even enjoyed playing those marimbas. The racing pigs are adorable, the splashing puppies are great, and I wanted to take home every animal in the SPCA truck! But I'm old and tired, my constitution is more delicate, and even though your discount days are great, I'm just not up to the noise, the weather (usually too warm for me), the food (the healthy options just aren't why I came to the fair), and the number of people. Not to mention it comes at a difficult time of year financially, and they've raised prices on everything.

I used to devote days to the fair every year.. I also used to enter (and win) multiple competitive exhibits. It wasn't uncommon for me to go at least 5 times during the run of the fair. I entered this year, 2 items, and got a 2nd place for my cupcakes, but the thrill of competing just isn't there anymore. I've got a wall full of blues and reds, I think that's enough. I've got my hands full with a new husband and a teenager I'm still trying to adjust to. I also used to go to multiple concerts..but now, unfortunately, I don't have the time or the energy to stand in line for the free seats anymore.

So its with a heavy and exhausted heart that I say "farewell".. its been good and we'll always have some great memories that I will always cherish.

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