Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ooh De Lollilicious, What an Art Hop!

Hubby, eldest child and I spent a delicious, delightful Thursday evening at our first art hop, and first time trying the absolutely yummy icy confections put forth by the lovely lady of Ooh De Lolli!

We had dual purposes tonite of taking a proper tour of Warnor's Theater, and finally trying those ice pops we'd been hearing so much about.
We got to Warnor's (parking at CVS again) a bit early, but it looked like the tour was starting ahead of time, because there was already a crowd gathered before the tour guide.
We hurried over and joined the crowd. But there was something interesting about them..they seemed...homogenous...all dressed alike, all the same age range (early 20's to early 30's). Coincidence? Not being shy, we dove right in and joined the tour...
What can I say.. I am an architecture-ophile, and Warnor's is breathtaking, inside and out.. I could have stood all night, just staring at the interior ceiling and every single detail (and there were many). The tour was much more extensive than I expected (under the stage, behind the scenes kind of thing), and our tour seemed to take longer than the next one. After listening in a bit, we discovered we were apparently, inadvertantly on the "young professionals" tour.. oh was a blast...even with all those stairs, and being like a thousand degrees in was worth every minute. I would recommend it to anyone seeking eye candy and hidden delights in Fresno.

After all that exertion in the heat, we needed something to cool off...and this led to the other reason we had come.. Ooh De Lolli ice pops! Situated conveniently right outside Warnor's, there was already a line..a very good sign! I already knew what I wanted, and my sometimes picky lovebug hubby even found something he would try, and the daughter hurriedly made her decision as we counted out our pennies, and stepped up to order.

The first lovely surprise was the pretty lady who owns Ooh De Lolli (sorry I didn't remember your name!), actually recognized me from our emailings on Facebook! Second lovely surprise was how intensely wonderful my choice was.. Buttered Caramel Popcorn..she managed to capture the roasty toasty popcorn essence, along with the richness of buttery caramel, in an ice pop! SO GOOD! Of course, me, being the clumsy thing I am, opened my treat incorrectly and plopped it on the ground... and she, being the sweet, gracious lady that she is, gave me another. Yay!
My sweetie chose the cantaloupe/orange flower water.. so fragrant.. he kept commenting how it was just like eating a cantaloupe. My eldest chose the strawberry balsamic.. it was..intense, fruity, sweet and tart at the same time.. you could taste everything!
After that we went and explored a bit, saw some art, heard some tunes, and went back to our car..contented and excited by what we saw and tasted...
So thank you Warnor's for the beauty...and thank you Ooh De Lolli lady, for putting the YUM into our nite..I would suggest that everyone go and taste...again and again..

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