Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Quickie..

After being taunted with delicious pictures and descriptions for weeks, I finally hauled my butt down Wishon to Cafe Corazon... Like the Tardis, its tiny on the outside, bigger on the inside, and full of wonderful delights...

This particular morning, I was after 2 things: a cup of decaf and a croissant. They sound so simple and at some places they are...but not here..

A good cup of coffee should stand on its own, no sugar or cream required, it should be bold but not overpowering, it should have well rounded and well defined flavors, without that acrid burn that lesser coffees often have (I'm looking at YOU, JarJarBucks). And especially with decaf, it should be indistinguishable from the high test stuff.

I'm here to tell you that the decaf at Cafe Corazon is all those things and more. Clearly roasted and brewed by folks who know what they're doing, I would say its the best in town.

Now on to the croissant. Definitely not your ordinary croissant, it is sturdy, doesn't leave your hands greasy even after being heated, soft without being doughy, shatteringly crisp without being dry. Made of red wheat and rye, it is more substantial than your every day pastry.

With plenty of places to sit and sip, and excellent service, the place is a comfy spot for enjoying a cup of joe with something delicious to nosh on. So if you haven't been yet...GO..NOW.. you'll be happy you did.

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