Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Livin' That French Thang...

After some initial resistance, my teen has decided that she likes our new dinner style after all...(even if she doesn't care for our taste in dinner music (classical), or my homemade salad dressing (sweet/hot mustard).

Last nite WAS really good, I must admit that, and watching Nigella every day for actual cooking tips (as opposed to eye and ear candy) is paying off.
We had no appetizer as I was running low on supplies, but the rest of the menu was thus:
Really great bread, thanks to Pillsbury Simply Bread (yes its from a can, but it really does taste homemade.)
Asian noodle/vegetable soup
Roasted Sausages/potatoes/garlic (I'm really getting hooked on roasting meats with veggies and whole garlic, it's So easy!)
Romaine salad (nite before last I added raspberries and I think only half of us liked it)
Cheese plate (the last of the mozz, aged English Cheddar (which hubby is now addicted to,) cream cheese, and dill havarti with crackers)(Those weird ThomCord grapes I got from Trader Joe's the other day aren't really working out).
Blackberries topped with fresh whipped blackberry cream.

One of these days I'll get pics..... pinky swear...

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