Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another "French" Night.....

Experimental dinner number 2: Rule 1: Don't use Slivovic as an aperitif. For those of you who don't know, Slivovic is a strong Serbian plum brandy. It's clear and tastes like jet fuel, and as the lady at the Serbian fest advised me rightly, you SIP it, don't slam it. And even in the sipping only half a shot glass.. you will get tipsy... tipsy enough to slip on the marble stairs during the Serbian church tour. My husband, who is an accomplished and veteran drinker, felt a rush from a single sip. That's how potent this stuff is. So of course we bought some for our wedding last year, and we still have over half the bottle left.

all this is leading up to why you should not sip Slivovic and try to construct a multi-course meal. Luckily there was no fires, no bloodshed, and everything turned out reasonably delicious. There was a small issue with possibly overcooking (and flipping) the frittata, but the bigger issue was just me trying to remember what I was doing, and navigate my way around the kitchen...and knives...and hot stoves. It's just best not to drink and cook.

Now the public service announcement is out of the way, on to the menu! Tonite the appetizer was sweet bbq glazed sausages (with toothpicks even! I must have been tipsy and brave...I'll tell you the toothpick impaling story another time.). You all know what the aperitif was. Then we had curried noodle soup (with my famous 'crack' broth), a chicken/potato/carrot/green onion frittata, romaine salad with a homemade (mind you)sweet hot mustard dressing, the cheese plate du jour(cream cheese spread, dill havarti, and aged English cheddar), and the dessert that I totally killed with: Butter toasted lemon pound cake, topped with homemade hot cherry sauce, freshly whipped cream, and blackberries.

I finally am feeling like I'm living up to my potential as a cook.. like that wallful of red and blue ribbons really means something.

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