Monday, May 21, 2012

Back yet again...

It's been awhile (great song btw)..  since I've blogged...   hey, marriage is a busy business if you do it right...     Spent a great Mother's Day weekend in Cambria with the girls...   we got to try the newish Dragon Bistro..   bit pricey, but excellent service, and tasty food (even if it is mostly Americanized).  Now I think about it and crave it...  they have the crunchiest batter fried and sauced meat dishes anywhere... not so hard you break your teeth..but perfectly and freshly fried in good oil.  We had individual lunch dishes...  Orange chicken, Mandarin pork, and Sweet and sour pork.    All very similar (even though the O.C. and the M.P. were supposed to be spicy), but tasty and perfectly cooked nonetheless..  so fresh you have to wait a bit to eat because it's so hot (temperature-wise).  The girls both had egg drop soup and I had the hot and sour (which was plenty hot spice-wise).  The rice was super simple...eggs and soy cooked rice...  nothing else..  the egg roll was meh...but I've gotten kind of blase about Chinese egg rolls these days here in Southeast Asian eggroll heaven..
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On non food related matters,  we saw a plethora of wildlife there..   dolphins, otters, seals, sea lions, crabs, starfish, a Jules Verne sized octopus, and even had a shark attack right outside our window practically...(don't worry...the person is fine...his kayak however is another matter).  We even saw a bit of whale in the distance (a bit early for them yet).  Oh, and the bunnies... we normally see tons of squirrels begging for food in their adorable little Black Plague ridden way...   but for the first time we saw dozens of adorable brown bunnies..not rabbits... proper BUNNIES... like Peter Cottontail style...  the kind of bunnies you think of when you think of the word "bunny". 

So that's it for now..  I'm back again..  deal with it.

Dragon Bistro
2150 Center St
Cambria, CA
Open 7 days a week 11 am to 9 pm

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