Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breakfast in Heaven..

I suppose today's title could either refer to the kind of breakfast one would receive in heaven (I hope it's like this one) OR the place one has breakfast being like heaven (I hope heaven is like Morro Bay (or Cambria, or Cayucos, etc ). Well I hit the double jackpot in this instance. I had one of the best breakfasts I've ever had, in one of my favorite places.

My eldest daughter and I took a heat escaping trip to the central coast yesterday, with the only real plan being to eat at Frankie and Lola's Front Street Cafe in Morro Bay. I'd seen it over the course of several trips taken to the area, but never had a chance to eat there before.

We breezed into town (because that is how one arrives in Morro Bay), at around 930 Saturday morning, drove past F & L's and found it packed to the gills with hungry patrons. (Good sign btw) We decided to do some beachcombing and let the crowd wind down a bit.

After about an hour of walking and splashing about, we dusted and dried off, and went back to the restaurant to find it a little less full than before, so we went in and were greeted and seated in no time at all. Drink orders were taken immediately and in no time our food orders were taken. I had the Fried Green Tomato Benedict (with hot cocoa to drink..such a luxury when its 108 back home!), and my daughter had the "Leroy Browns", fried potato chunks with bacon, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and green onions with homemade salsa on the side.

Our breakfast came within a reasonable amount of time, and all I can say is every little aspect was exactly right and delicious! Mine had a layer of perfect creamy grits on the bottom, topped with two perfectly fried green tomatoes, two poached eggs, and a generous amount of the best hollandaise sauce I've ever had.. hands down (When I spoke to one of the owners at the register, she joked that she married her husband for his hollandaise..I can believe it!)
And a word about the fried potatoes that came on the side of my breakfast, and were the star feature of my daughter's.. they LOOKED like they were overfried, and would be hard.. oh no.. forget about that..they were shatteringly crisp on the outside, and literally melted in your mouth on the inside.. I don't know what voodoo they used to make these potatoes, but I hope it never changes! And a word about that side salsa from my daughter's breakfast.. I come from a valley full of excellent homemade salsa's and have even won a salsa contest (not bad for a gringo) of my own; and I can tell you, F & L's salsa was excellent!

Service throughout the meal was attentive, without being intrusive. I would recommend Frankie and Lola's to anyone and will definitely be back to sample their other offerings (that dessert list looked pretty darn good!)

Frankie and Lola's Front Street Cafe
1154 Front Street
Morro Bay, CA
Hours: Breakfast 630 AM to 1130 AM
Lunch 1130 AM to 230 PM
Dinner 5PM to 8 PM Thurs thru Sat.

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