Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Frolics in Food

Today's foray was a revisit to two places I've enjoyed (but maybe not properly blogged about) before: Keith's Boxcar Cafe, and Charlotte's BakerEatery.

I often jest about the BFE nature of Keith's but it's really not that difficult to find: You can either take Van Ness south til you hit Hamilton (think industrial district), and then take a left. (It will be a couple blocks east, on your left). OR do as we did since we were on our way from work, and take Butler over the tracks out to Pearl, turn left, then right on Hamilton (Keith's will be on your right). Either way, it's worth it. The first time we went, many months ago, we had the smoked meatloaf sammy with fries. YUM. Today we went specifically for the pulled pork bbq lasagna. When they have it again (they will), you MUST have some, order ahead as it's rightfully popular and sells out quick!. Don't think Italian lasagna with spaghetti sauce and ricotta. Think the best, smokiest, tenderest pulled pork you've ever had, layered with noodles, bbq sauce, and cheese.. epic lunch win. Paired with some tasty grilled uber garlic bread and you've got a fine lunch for 9.99 right there. We'll be back, again and again!

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Then it was on to dessert at Charlotte's.. again a place we'd been (and enjoyed immensely) before. The last time we had a vegan/gf chocolate (you couldn't tell!), and a lemon lavender cupcake, as well as a triple berry turnover. All great. This time around we enjoyed blackberry lemon lavender and raspberry rosewater cupcakes, as well as a bluberry danish, and a chocolate/coconut bread pudding. The think I love about Charlotte's is nothing is tooth achingly sweet, and there isn't an overabundance of gloppy frosting on the cupcakes. The flavors are clean, sweet enough, and vibrant in their various ingredients. The cupcakes had subtle notes of rosewater and lavender on top of the fruit. The Danish was like the best french croissant dough mixed with a good amount of fresh blueberries and a light cream cheese underneat that. The bread pudding? Like the kind of choco/coconut macaroon decadent moist desserts they must have in heaven. Another place we will return to many times in the future.

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