Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Bruh's Soul Food mini review

I say "mini review" because I don't have pics and we've just gone the one time just now.  But, here we are...

We went in around 1 PM on a Friday, and were immediately greeted very warmly and asked if we'd been there before, and when we said no, she explained the menu choices.  My first choice of oxtails, wasn't done yet, so I went for the wings, with mac n cheese, and corn.  My darling chose the fried pork chop, (7.50) with mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes and gravy. We also ordered a piece of sweet potato pie and an order of peach cobbler.  We were told the fried items were fried to order, so it could take between 15 and 20 minutes, but it was no problem.

The wings were tasty and crispy, but I've had tasty crispy wings in Fresno before.. and only 3 medium sized ones to an order, it seemed a bit pricey at 9.50 for the plate. My beloved's pork chop was fried expertly, with lots of tasty, flaky coating.  I loved the obviously homemade mac n cheese...very cheesy,  but my darling did not for some reason...personal preference I guess.  My corn unexpectedly had been cooked with onions and peppers...which really enhanced the flavor.  My darling's mashed potatoes and gravy were obviously homemade with a slight kick.  The orders came with corn muffins wrapped in foil, tasty, but cold and somewhat hard... since they seem to be kept wrapped in foil in a bowl at the counter.  I'd almost rather they be microwave warmed to order.
As for the desserts, both good, with the sweet potato pie having a very bright flavor, very fresh with an average crust.  The peach cobbler was the clear winner..and we both could eat a lot more of it.

Very very friendly service...solid food.. small place with sparse African oriented decorations, definitely worth a try.
Big Bruh's Soul Food
1627 E Ashlan
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 222-2188

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